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Customer Snapshot

Betting on Sports,
Banking on Business


sports betting games analyzed daily—in real time


As sports betting leader in the western Balkans, Mozzart implemented SAP software to analyze the profitability of 50,000 daily betting games. The result? They’re now able to review each game’s performance in real time and adjust odds when necessary, improve profitability, enhance the customer experience, and expand into new markets.





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€120 million

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Information Technology


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SAP IQ, SAP PowerDesigner


Betting on expansion

Mozzart’s core business is the organization of sports betting, odds production and implementing the accompanying support software. Founded in 2000, Mozzart opened over 340 betting premises across Serbia, and in 2006, broadened their activities to Romania, Republic of Srpska, and Macedonia, with more than 450 locations altogether.

The Challenge

What are the odds?

Mozzart offers betting odds on 500 events a day. But their production database couldn’t generate reports to evaluate how the business was doing. They decided to build a data warehouse to maintain clean data and generate reports quickly – and needed technology that could accept data from multiple database sources, including betting and financial information.

Enter SAP

Going with a winner

Mozzart tested several data warehouse solutions and found the SAP Sybase IQ server actually delivered reports 10 times faster than the next-best solution. They also found that as they added more data and as more users accessed the system, the time gap between SAP Sybase IQ and other technologies grew even wider.


“SAP Sybase technology added a new dimension to our business – we can now report on any data our executives need within minutes. Previously, reports were impossible or took a full day to generate.”

The SAP Experience

A model partner

Local Sybase partner MD&PROFY transformed Mozzart’s complex betting processes into a multidimensional model covering all demands for analytics and reporting. SAP Sybase PowerDesigner allowed them to efficiently build the SAP Sybase IQ data warehouse and makes it easy to add new reports. Mozzart can now see exactly what is occurring with their data.


“With SAP Sybase IQ, we can now analyze the profit or loss per game. This is critical to our business and is allowing us to expand within current territories as well as enter new markets.”


Faster reporting, better results

After implementing SAP’s solutions, Mozzart can process 10 million betting tickets and 140 million rows of data each month. They enjoy 7 times faster reporting, and can analyze 50,000 daily sports betting games in real-time. Another benefit: they are experiencing 45% growth in the western Balkans.

Run Simple

It pays to know

The SAP solution ensures Mozzart users never see performance issues no matter how simultaneous users there are. SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Sybase PowerDesigner have also become favorites of Mozzart’s research and development team since they can now create reports that show exactly where they are making or losing money. 


“We look good when we turn around report
requests quickly.”

Journey Ahead

New markets, new services

Now that Mozzart sees how much information they can get through reporting, they’re creating and using for more types of reports. And with the help of SAP Sybase IQ, Mozzart has built such an effective warehouse they now plan to enter new markets and are thinking about new services they can develop for the gaming industry.

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