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Customer Snapshot

Calling all Robots

Super-strength robots
handle 3kg to over

1,000 kg


Robotic nursing assistants aren’t just a dream – in fact, KUKA, a German company, sees service robotics as a promising line of future business. And as a front-runner in the world robotics market, they should know.


Today, they plan to use SAP CRM to improve their already strong customer service and consolidate their leading position.


KUKA Roboter GmbH


Augsburg, Germany


€616 million (2011)

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners


Line of Business

Service, Sales


Industrial Machinery & Components, High Tech

Featured Products

SAP Customer Relationship Management


From streetlights to robots

As a leading German producer of robots for a variety of industries – from automotive and fabricated metals to food and plastics – KUKA is an acronym for Keller und Knappich Augsburg, and also the registered trademark found on the industrial robots and other products they produce.

The Challenge

Working the world

KUKA’s customers include manufacturers of automobiles, metal products, foods, and plastics. Cutting-edge technology and a strong customer service focus have helped KUKA become a world market leader, but engagement in international markets also means they require sophisticated tools to run worldwide operations in real time.

Enter SAP

The best solution

KUKA chose SAP CRM, which has been seamlessly integrated with its central ERP applications. In a direct comparison with its competitors, SAP CRM was the most cost-effective alternative. Even beyond cost, other factors in its favor were its integration depth, functional scope, and user-friendly Web interface.


Transparency means better business

SAP CRM informs sales staff immediately when customers report faults. It displays warranty expiration dates and sales breakdowns by division. It eliminates duplication of sales effort, reducing the risk that multiple quotations will be prepared. Best of all, KUKA’s sales and service operations have become more closely integrated.


“Now that we have gotten rid of our stand-alone solutions and made all our processes transparent, we are realizing that we can analyze and manage our business on a global basis for the first time.”

Journey Ahead

Search out and deploy

The solution first went live within the sales department, and the services team followed

six months later.

To look at it another way: the number of users will rise from 40 in the trial period to 800 when the software is fully deployed.

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