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Elster Group SE

Elster provides systems and technologies that distribute, measure, monitor and manage natural gas, electricity and water for utility companies in over 130 countries.

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Coelba (Grupo Neoenergia)

Coelba (part of the Neoenergia Group) distributes electricity to the Brazilian state of Bahia, serving millions of people. The company is also concerned with social and sustainability issues, but lack of quality data was hindering their efforts. SAP offered a way to improve both data and analysis to support Coelba’s sustainability goals.

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Alliander N.V.

Energy needs are drastically changing. To keep the Netherlands green and sustainable, Alliander N.V. knows that efficient energy distribution and cutting-edge IT go hand in hand.

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TMVW - Tussengemeentelijke Maatschappij der Vlaanderen voor Watervoorziening

Since the year 2000, TMVW has constantly added new services to their core business and became a leading multi-utility, multi-service company in the region of Flanders, Belgium.

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Powercor Australia

Powercor Australia is an electricity distributor in Victoria, Australia, and manages the poles, wires and equipment (including meters) for approximately 700,000 customers. Their power network spans both densely populated areas and rural countryside.

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MVV Energie AG

To expand capacity and market share, MVV Energie AG needs to be able to collect enormous amounts of data about pricing, the weather, and the behavior of energy customers to effectively balance generation capacity with customer demand.

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Anglian Water Services

Just as Anglian Water cares for their environment, they value their customers and deliver great services to the community. SAP is at the heart of Anglian Water, providing innovative solutions to help them meet their customers’ needs and make steps forward into the 21st century in a sustainable way.

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