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Pañalon S.A.

Pañalón is one of Europe’s largest specialty transporters of bulk liquids, powders, and granulated products for the chemicals industry, ensuring the safe passage of often dangerous materials by road, rail, and sea.

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Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport)

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) is a hive of activity around the clock, with over 56 million passengers passing through annually. More than 20,000 in-house staff, plus thousands more from external companies come and go on a daily basis. Site security – securing doors, barriers, and locks – is #1 priority.

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Chemion Logistik GmbH

Chemion Logistik GmbH covers the entire range of logistics services for the chemical industry and related sectors. With fully automatic extraction from different data sources, they can run standardized and integrated IT-supported business analyses quickly and accurately. Now they can make the right decisions and stay on track.

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Société de Transport de Montréal (STM)

The Société de Transport de Montréal wanted a loyalty program that would reward customers immediately. Using rich transactional data and a network of partners, they now personalize their customer’s daily commute, suggesting opportunities for culture, sports, entertainment, and shopping.

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RZD Russian Railways

From Beijing to Berlin, Russian Railways (RZD) moves people and goods across two continents and 85,500 kilometers of track.

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