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Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.

When your child, spouse, or pet isn’t feeling well, you want to help them get better as soon as possible. For over 40 years, Bethyl Laboratories has provided top-quality antibody products and services to improve lives.

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Boston Scientific Corporation

Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices that are used in a broad range of interventional medical specialties. They were founded on a simple principle: less-invasive medicine can improve patient care.

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Desmond TuTu HIV Foundation

While making strides as devoted activists in both treating and trying to obliterate HIV and Tuberculosis, the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation needed help with better technology to manage business systems, and keep up with their recent organizational growth rate of 90%.

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Medtronic strives toward their mission of innovating for life by listening to the people who benefit from their biomedical technologies. Information technology made it easier to amass enormous amounts of valuable clinician and patient data, and left Medtronic seeking ways to best analyze it for the most meaningful conclusions.

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DENTSPLY International Inc.

With DENTSPLY’S continuous growth through innovations and acquisitions, one thing was slowing it down: the lack of a core HR system that could serve as a foundation for workforce planning. Enter SuccessFactors Employee Central, which replaced 56 resource-intensive payroll systems and gave the company a single view of its global talent for the first time.

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Kardinal Schwarzenberg´sches Krankenhaus

Known among skiers and snowboarders across the world for their advanced treatment of winter sports injuries, the Kardinal Schwarzenberg Hospital has always been a pioneer in technology, innovation and optimal patient care.

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NHS 24

A public service organization as part of the National Health Service of Scotland, NHS 24 provides unscheduled medical attention to all Scottish citizens, via telephone and online.

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