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Dunn-Edwards Corporation

For over 80 years Dunn-Edwards Corporation has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings in the southwestern United States. Owned by its 2,000 employees, the company is famous for its superior quality paint and customer service.

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Bayer MaterialScience

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-tech materials, Bayer MaterialScience’s innovative products and solutions are used in many key industrial sectors and help bring sustainable improvements to the quality of life.

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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Air Products is a leading chemical and gas supplier, serving a wide range of industries to improve the performance of countless industrial and consumer products, from televisions and ice cream to rockets and ventilators.

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AkzoNobel Chemicals B.V.

Often people achieve only incremental progress, because their view of tomorrow is determined by what they see today. AkzoNobel knows that what is good for their customers today is not necessarily good enough for them tomorrow, so it strives to meet consumers’ unspoken needs by sustaining future competitiveness.

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FMC Corporation

As a leading specialty chemical company, FMC Corporation seeks to enhance people’s lives in multiple ways, advancing the manufacture of hundreds of essential products.

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