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New Zealand Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) protects and maintains the biodiversity of New Zealand, preserving it as one of the greatest living spaces on earth.

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Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport)

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) is a hive of activity around the clock, with over 56 million passengers passing through annually. More than 20,000 in-house staff, plus thousands more from external companies come and go on a daily basis. Site security – securing doors, barriers, and locks – is #1 priority.

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Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County is also home to more than 673,000 residents who look to their local government for services such as safety, road maintenance, and public infrastructure improvements. Today, mobile technology is helping Bernalillo deliver better public services at a lower cost to its citizens.

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Anglian Water Services

Just as Anglian Water cares for their environment, they value their customers and deliver great services to the community. SAP is at the heart of Anglian Water, providing innovative solutions to help them meet their customers’ needs and make steps forward into the 21st century in a sustainable way.

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