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Customer Snapshot

Hospital of the Future for Patients of Today


of the world's Nobel Prize

Winners in medicine come

from Charité


At Charité the patient comes first. As the largest community hospital in Europe and one of the world’s premier research institutions, it must manage vast amounts of patient data without losing sight of the patient as a person. Using the latest in-memory database and mobile technology, physicians and staff at Charité have instant access to comprehensive patient information. This means less time is spent digging through records and more time is spent on healing people.


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The hospital of the future is networked, efficient, transparent and focused on quality.


Charité University Hospital Berlin


Berlin, Germany

Customer Website



€1.2 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

SAP SE Oncology application: built by the Innovation Center Potsdam with the help of HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute)

Line of Business

Service, Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP HANA, SAP Electronic Medical Record


Healing the sick for over 300 years


  • 1810Establishment of the Berlin University, including the medical faculty.
  • 1818Conversion of a former pigment factory to the University Clinic (Universitätsklinikum) Ziegelstraße.
  • 1906Opening of the Rudolf Virchow Hospital.
  • 1933 Expulsion of Jewish researchers; destruction due to war damages.
  • 1945Reconstruction of the Charité.
  • 1946The Charité serves as the most prestigious institute of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).
  • 1977Merger of the medical faculty at Humboldt University with the Free University to form the Charité University Clinic, Medical Faculty of Humbolt University in Berlin.
  • 2003As a result of the Charité’s merger with the Benjamin Franklin University Clinic, part of the Free University, the "Charité – University Medicin Berlin" becomes a part of both universities and, thus, one of the largest clinics in Europe.

Business Model

A passion for patient-driven research

The endless stream of patient data generated at Charité each day is a goldmine for researchers and medical students alike. When harnessed correctly, these are the building blocks of innovation that allow the hospital to maintain the level of patient care and trust that is the cornerstone of its heritage.


Notable and Noteworthy


births annually


operations monthly


organ transplants per year


inpatient cases in 2011





outpatient cases in 2011





of German Nobel Prize

Winners in medicine

and physiology come

from Charité

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Hundreds of years of tradition meets modern innovation

Success Strategy

Evolving bedside manner

With its focus on research and teaching, Charité offers a unique opportunity to medical students. With so many patients coming through its doors every day, students not only learn to navigate physician-patient relationships, but also find ample opportunity to innovate new ways to improve the patient experience and physician rapport.


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Patient files available on tablets

With SAP and iPad technology, doctors can carry patient’s entire medical record with them, and even retrieve test results, x-ray images or prognosis reports real-time.

The Challenge

Climbing a mountain of data to reach the patient

Charité had a vision to modernize patient care with real-time reporting. But the reality on the ground presented a challenge. With over 500,000 data points per patient, cancer researchers had to screen piles of paper-based medical records to find the right patients for clinical trials. These process inefficiencies were wasting precious time that should have been spent working on a cure.


Data management was an issue across Charité.

  • Outdated, incomplete, and hard-to-access patient information at the point of care
  • Fragmented information from multiple sources and in multiple locations
  • 30% increase in data volume in recent years
  • Demanding compliance requirements incorporated into daily tasks

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Collecting and using data for teaching and research

Enter SAP

Saving time for patients with real-time mobile reporting

In order maximize on the benefits the latest IT innovations could offer, Charité chose to combine SAP HANA software with the SAP Mobile Platform.


With SAP HANA, medical records were digitized and both standard and ad-hoc reports can now be generated in real time.

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900 Million data entries managed with SAP HANA

Mobile solutions deliver relevant and up-to-date patient information right to the physician’s hand. The user-friendly iPad electronic medical record (EMR) app give the physician fast and reliable information in real time. This means decision making is faster and more informed, allowing more time to interact with the patient face to face and consult with colleagues.

The SAP Experience

Real-time information for more efficient patient care

Now that the vast amounts of patient information Charité collects each day is stored electronically in the SAP HANA database, the hospital is being freed from piles of paper records. Data can be filtered for reuse in patient care, for teaching, and for research. And, with reports that can be generated at any time from a mobile device, physicians and staff are able to work more efficiently, reducing patient wait times.

Better Business

A trusted partner

A long-time user of SAP software, Charité wanted to continue building on its existing IT landscape. Not only would this reduce the administrative effort of implementing new solutions, it would also provide a stable and scalable platform on which to continue building.


Widespread and patient focused

Charité has transformed its vision for better patient care into a reality. With SAP solutions, the hospital is providing more efficient and more personalized care at a lower cost.


  • Shorter patient wait times
  • More time spent with patients and better overall patient care
  • Higher patient and employee satisfaction
  • More personalized cancer treatments
  • Faster and more accurate patient identification for clinical trials
  • Smoother shift changes and lower related costs
  • Real-time information sharing with partner institutions to eliminate duplicated effort and provide faster treatment plans
  • Better collaboration hospital-wide

Lessons Learned

Technology is the key to the future

Through its long history, Charité has learned that technology plays a crucial role in the evolution of the modern hospital. From the surgical tools and techniques of the early 1800’s to the minimally invasive laparoscopic methods of today, the rate of technological innovation in medicine can boggle the mind. Charité has realized that the benefits of technology go beyond the laboratory or the operating room. Something as simple as saving nurses the time needed to explain a paper chart at shift change can mean more time spent interacting with patients. And electronic records that are available in real-time can reduce the risk of error, potentially saving lives.

Run Simple

Putting patients first

Today there are 13,000 people at Charité working hard to combat disease, to improve health, and to put the patient at the center of everything they do. The SAP HANA platform and the SAP Mobile Platform are helping to make their jobs easier. And, as a long-time user of SAP software, the hospital has a strong foundation to continue innovating and excelling in patient service and care.

Journey Ahead

A powerful tool to build a healthier Scotland

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Charité looks to manage the challenges of the future

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