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Customer Snapshot

Mobility Maximizes the Power of On-the-Go Service

Saving gas by avoiding

35,000 km

of unnecessary driving


Abantia, a pioneer in renewable solutions for applied engineering, is committed to respecting the environment, improving major communication infrastructure and making technology available for public health and education. As the company expands into new emerging markets, SAP optimized business processes through mobile device management solutions.





Barcelona, Spain

Customer Website



€283 million (2012)

Number of Employees

2,022 (2012)

Implementation Partners


Line of Business



Engineering, Construction, & Operations

Featured Products

SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Afaria


The evolution of applied engineering

In 1944, Aplicaciones Generales Electricas (AGE) was formed as a company specializing in electrical and refrigeration installation.


As AGE expanded and developed, various subsidiary companies were created, the company acquired more experience and extended its activity within the installations sector. It stands out as an integrated company: specializing in the engineering, planning, development and the execution of complex systems. In 2006, AGE along with all its subsidiaries, became known as Abantia.

Business Model

Local partners from diverse lines

Abantia’s business model success comes from the hands of local partners specialized in the field of engineering and construction. This model is based on the complementarity of skills and diversity of business lines in order to offer customers integrated solutions and value-added services in their fields of activity.


Another value that fosters this partnership model is the transmission technology with local professionals, promoting the work in the territories.

Success Strategy

Staying on their toes

Rising competition and a desire to grow the business motivated Abantia to make changes to its business processes and find a mobile solution to fit its needs.

The Challenge

Desire to grow motivates change in
business processes

Abantia wanted to eliminate paper-based processes and achieve seamless integration of all steps from placing work orders to invoicing. The company was in need of a workforce automation solution to support all of their technicians in the field online and offline. And they required an end-to-end solution that could modernize and integrate all business processes and bridge the gap between the mobile workforce and the back office. Rising competition and a desire to grow the business motivated Abantia to make changes to its business processes and find a mobile solution to fit its needs.


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Abantia’s Mobility Vision

“How can we make our back-end systems accessible to our mobile technicians to make our entire business more efficient?

— Josep Fabregas, CIO of Abantia

Enter SAP

Meeting business needs with an end-to-end
mobile solution

The deployment of SAP ERP and SAP SRM had proven a positive experience for Abantia. But at that time, when it came to enterprise mobility, SAP did not have a solution to meet the company’s needs. The Abantia team looked into many options without finding the right match.


Then, with SAP’s acquisition of Sybase, it became clear that SAP was committed to the enterprise mobility market and was the right choice to meet the growing requirements of Abantia’s business.

The SAP Experience

Providing low-cost investment with high added value

Abantia selected SAP gold partner Seidor to manage the implementation, based on their extensive industry experience and knowledge of SAP software and mobile projects. Seidor improved Abantia’s business processes by implementing a custom-developed app, CSMobile, built on SAP Mobile Platform, which enabled the customer service functionality of the SAP ERP application.


Seidor also deployed the SAP Afaria® mobile device management solution for added security and functionality, enabling Abantia’s technicians to work offline.

“We had a need, and Seidor had the SAP technology and know-how to put it all together.”

— Josep Fabregas, CIO, Abantia

Better Business

Quick cost savings

Seidor implemented the customer service functionality in SAP ERP over the course of two months. Once deployed, CSMobile took only two additional months to implement. This seamless integration provided a low-cost investment with a high added value.


Big time savings in many categories

Abantia technicians can now access relevant business information at any time and from anywhere. Management can track every project, see where the technicians are, analyze what they’ve done, what parts are used, and how many kilometers they have driven.


Overall efficiency improved significantly over a period of one year, realizing:



in administrative

personnel hours


Almost 3,000

saved on technical



saved in unnecessary


And to top it off, there are no more invoice disputes, as the customer now signs off on the repair or installation at the time of completion.

Lessons Learned

Efficient, digital, and embraced by employees

The overall quality of Abantia’s business processes is much higher. They eliminated an error-prone paper process through the use of customer relationship management tools. Managing their customer service is much more efficient. Employees have adopted the new solution and spend less time doing administrative tasks such as reentering data into the system.


Their non-IT users have easily adapted to this new way of doing business. The tablet and applications are user-friendly and provide information at the speed of light. Technicians now have a powerful tool at their fingertips.

Run Simple


“In less than one year, we have seen a payback on our investment. We are saving money on hours worked, there is less human error, no more unnecessary driving from wrong directions, and fewer customer service issues.”

— Josep Fabregas, CIO, Abantia

Journey Ahead

Expanding the power of mobility

The Abantia team has seen the power of SAP mobile solutions and is looking at additional contact management capabilities on mobile devices. The company is also developing an environment with mobile customer relationship management analytics for CXOs and business workflows for travel expenses and other related items.


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