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Customer Snapshot

Sustaining Current Growth & Energizing for the Future!


growth year-after-year



When two surfers visited Brazil in 1999, they found more than big waves. They found an organic approach to health and vitality. They found the superfood açai. And they found themselves starting Sambazon, a way to share these special fruits with the world. Today, it’s a global leader in premium sustainable and certified organic açaí products.


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Sustainability at their heart




San Clemente, California, USA

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US$30 million

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SAP Business ByDesign


Measures of success

From their first taste of the superfood açaí, the founders of Sambazon knew these fruits were very special…


  • 1999The Black brothers (Jeremy and Ryan) and Ed Nichols ventured to Brazil and fell in love with the country, but especially the Amazon fruit acai
  • 2000Sambazon was founded based on the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy – measuring success economically, socially and environmentally
  • 2006 Sambazon was named a winner of the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence for helping to create worldwide awareness and demand for the açaí fruit
  • 2010Deployed SAP Business ByDesign in an 18-week start-to-launch implementation
  • 2012Continues to grow the business in the US

The Challenge

Managing organic growth

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Being market-driven works best when you can see what the market is doing.

As a food and beverage company, Sambazon needed to ensure reliable delivery of a perishable product, and effectively handle a global supply chain that starts with local farmers in the Amazon region. Transparency was needed across the organization to reduce production costs and meet customer demand. And lack of visibility into their financial reporting was creating faulty forecasts and overproduction.


Somehow, Sambazon needed to find a way to streamline its day-to-day functions while dealing with rapid 50% year-after-year growth.

Enter SAP

A fitting solution

As a small company, Sambazon was not able to invest big money in a software solution. That’s why they were glad SAP could help them run and manage their business with ONE solution, with a short deployment time and minimal business impact.


“Our company was growing quickly, and we needed to upgrade our IT infrastructure. SAP Business ByDesign was the only solution that had the functionality we needed today and in the future; it addressed our implementation and operational constraints.”


The SAP Experience

Speedy delivery

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“We’ve never looked back…”

Of the many factors that led Sambazon to pick SAP Business ByDesign, the biggest one was speed to implementation. The whole transition was incredibly smooth – they were up and running on a Monday, with business as usual, and by the end of the first week, they had processed orders, paid invoices and stayed on budget. Since then, they’ve never looked back.


Visibility and vision

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SAP Business ByDesign has helped Sambazon reduce perishable losses from overproduction,with clear visibility to all areas of the business and forecasting. SAP supports business growth so Sambazon can spend fewer resources on finance and more on sales and marketing to grow the business.

Journey Ahead

Scaling for growth

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Simply put, SAP helps Sambazon “run better.” Sambazon found the software that delivers the functionality they need today – and can scale to support the company’s energetic projected growth.


A future of innovation and growth, enabled through SAP.

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