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Customer Snapshot

Creating a Happier World – Internally and Externally

25 ¢

from each skin and hair product sale goes to
global philanthropy.


Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. develops and distributes hair and skin care products and nutritional supplements. Based out of Provo, Utah the direct sales giant recently had its best year ever, recording more than US$1.5 billion in revenues from sales in over 50 countries.


Now, the company strives to balance business success with the mission to improve people’s lives.

Nu Skin’s quality products, growth opportunities for its people and distributors, and philanthropic endeavors keep this goal in focus. Nu Skin donates 25 cents from every skin and hair care product sale to preserving environments, languages, lifestyles, and traditions of indigenous people around the world.



Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.


Provo, Utah, USA

Customer Website



US$1.5 billion

Number of Employees

>5,000 distributors,
250 employees

Implementation Partners

ecenta AG

Line of Business

Service, Sales


Consumer Products

Featured Products

SAP Customer Relationship Management

Business Model

Combining business success with philanthropy

Nu Skin employs 250 agents in the USA who staff call centers to provide service via phone, internet, or in person. Customers use these centers to place orders, get product information, or make returns and exchanges.

Over 5,000 independent sales distributors use the call centers for the same purposes, plus questions about commissions and sales. Call center excellence is vital to sustaining Nu Skin’s business health, so the company continually searches for ways to improve the interaction experience for everyone.

Success Strategy

Integrating the formula for customer satisfaction

Call center staff was turning over rapidly, resulting in Nu Skin losing money on repetitive training. They needed to shorten the time for handling a call, reduce errors and escalations, and minimize callbacks.


The company dedicated itself to completely satisfying customers on their first call, and to increasing agent retention by eliminating unnecessary aggravations from unsatisfied customers. Nu Skin envisioned the integration of their call center support software under a single umbrella program.


“We are constantly working to cut our
response time
in handling customer inquiries.
That is one of the primary ways we measure our
call centers’ performance.”


The Challenge

A single integrated solution

Nu Skin had been using three disconnected applications to support its call centers—the SAP® ERP application for sales functionality, an internally developed application for customer interaction and ticketing, and a third software system for managing sales commissions.


The software didn’t communicate very well. It took far too long for Nu Skin agents to look up customers’ histories, and customers became impatient waiting for answers. Nu Skin had been using two types of sales orders, one for regular orders, and another for recurring orders to which discounts apply.


Switching from one form to the other in the midst of a call meant starting all over. The result? Real frustration for Nu Skin agents and customers.


Enter SAP

A nod to the marketing magic of SAP

Nu Skin had been monitoring the maturation of the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and attended a recent SAPPHIRE® NOW conference to see the latest developments.


We were impressed with the user interface improvements in the latest release of SAP CRM. When we saw them, we knew it was time to get serious about replacing our old system.

Before finalizing its decision, however, Nu Skin carefully evaluated other applications. They found that nothing else on the market matched up with SAP CRM in terms of flexibility. It was crucial to the company that they implement applications that integrate tightly with SAP ERP.

The SAP Experience

Partnering with ecenta AG makes switching a breeze

Specialists in this area of CRM, ecenta AG was chosen to partner with Nu Skin in implementing SAP CRM. The necessary detailed testing and proper preparation of Nu Skin’s agents made for an exceptionally smooth transition. Agents and customers applauded the new solution. Not ending there, ecenta conducted extensive knowledge transfer to Nu Skin’s IT staff to enable total self-sufficiency in supporting SAP CRM.

Better Business

Crisp, consolidated and coordinated information

With SAP CRM running, Nu Skin quickly retired old disparate systems, saving considerable IT support costs. The commission management software is now only used for the month-end commission cycle.


On a daily basis, agents employ only SAP CRM including its customer interaction center, order management, and campaign management functionality. When a customer contacts a call center, agents have only one place to look for all information regarding that customer—including order history, which is now instantly available.


SAP CRM immediately matches telephone numbers with customer information, which saves time for everyone and really impresses customers.


Agent training on the fast track

Besides the imperative streamlining of technology, valuable goals and objectives were surpassed for Nu Skin.


25% Faster

training time

for new agents

Easier, User-Friendly

system vanquishes


Less Turnover,

so less hiring or

training of agents

Cost Savings

that were substantial

to the company

Lessons Learned

Selling, upselling, and more selling

In addition, the move to SAP CRM revealed the surprise benefit of helping agents close the sale for Nu Skin products. Since their call centers are critical sales channels, a smoother customer experience has led to more successful call outcomes.


Up-selling is especially successful since agents have all the information at their fingertips to spot customer targeted opportunities—and make the most of them.

Run Simple

Getting them to smile—in just one call

Nu Skin is continuing to see progressive reductions in call handling time, fewer incidences of errors and escalations, plus less need for callbacks.


With all required information instantly available, agents are now more frequently able to wrap up customer issues on the first call—both increasing customer satisfaction and saving costs for Nu Skin.

Journey Ahead

Expanding the goodness across the world

All call centers in the United States and Canada now use SAP CRM. Nu Skin plans to expand its use to the entire worldwide enterprise over the next few years, raising its productivity in over 50 countries. The company also has plans to further explore the vast and advanced functions of SAP CRM.

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