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Customer Snapshot

The Right Chemistry for Everyday Conveniences Around the World


producer of carrageenan extracts in the world



As a leading specialty chemical company, FMC Corporation seeks to enhance people’s lives in multiple ways, advancing the manufacture of hundreds of essential products. Needing standardization and real-time information sharing to keep up with fast paced business, FMC turned to SAP solutions to integrate global manufacturing and business systems.



FMC Corporation


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Customer Website



US$3.66 billion

Number of Employees


Implementation Partners

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Line of Business




Featured Products

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence rapid-deployment solution for batch manufacturing, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning


Pioneering solutions since 1883


  • 1883Retired inventor John Bean set out to build a better insecticide spray pump.
  • 1884Bean patented his high-pressure continuous action spray pump and set up shop behind his house.
  • 1953The FMC Foundation was established to make contributions to educational, civic, and cultural institutions, and Trona production began in Green River, Wyoming, USA.
  • 1961Company name changed to FMC Corporation.
  • 1962Chemical businesses re-aligned into three divisions: Inorganic, Organic, and Niagara.
  • 1978FMC became the world's second largest producer of hydrogen peroxide.
  • 1988 International sales exceeded US$1 billion; FMC introduced Marshal, a Furadan analog, to European and Asian markets.
  • 1989Asia Lithium Corp., a joint venture, built facility in Japan to process lithium chloride from Bessemer City, N.C.; FMC introduced konjac food additive.
  • 2001FMC Technologies, Inc. began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (Ticker Symbol: FTI).
  • 2010Pierre Brondeau joined FMC as President and Chief Executive Officer and was elected Chairman in September 2010.

Business Model

Making customers’ lives easier

A leader in agricultural, specialty, and industrial chemical markets, FMC employs advanced technologies for research, mining, and manufacturing to produce customized products and solutions. FMC’s customer-focused research and development provides innovative, cost-effective solutions for industries from food and agriculture, to pharmaceutical, healthcare, and manufacturing.­­­­

Success Strategy

Organic growth

FMC’s vision is to become a larger, stronger, and more global company with a corporate culture of innovation, integrity, responsibility, and customer intimacy. In key consumer and industrial categories, FMC is actively investing in growing organically, expanding in rapidly developing economies, and centralizing ownership and systems.


The Challenge

Putting it all together

Within their manufacturing facilities, FMC had implemented a range of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and distributed control systems (DCS) which were not integrated. With duplicate data entered in isolated systems, reporting was time consuming and data quality was a concern.

Enter SAP

Making connections

FMC has had a long-standing relationship with SAP, using SAP software to power their business systems for years. In developing an infrastructure to meet increasing demand and ensure products are readily available to global customers, FMC decided to deploy new SAP solutions to improve agility, flexibility, and operating efficiency by linking real-time shop-floor updates with key business planners and decision makers.

The SAP Experience

The perfect plant

Inspired by SAP’s “perfect plant” concept, which integrates manufacturing and business systems, FMC began a consolidation project at their facility in Haugesund, Norway. FMC partnered with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS), who offered the experience and expertise FMC sought. TCS and OSIsoft PI system personnel rolled out a template-based manufacturing-floor connectivity solution built around the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) rapid-deployment solution for batch manufacturing.

Better Business

Real-time accountability

SAP MII is a strong integration platform for the SAP ERP application. Role-based dashboards enable FMC employees to gain the insights they need from manufacturing output and from quality key performance indicators to process temperatures, material viscosities, and more. If an operator on the plant floor updates information about a process, that information is immediately available to others elsewhere in the Haugesund facility.


TCS has also integrated SAP MII into FMC’s Microsoft Active Directory system. Should FMC in Haugesund ever need to audit a process, Active Directory audit trails enable system administrators to see exactly who did what and when.


The week we went live, the number of material documents created in our SAP ERP application system for Haugesund rose by 400%. This demonstrated that the data being captured was more concise, giving a real-time picture of how the plant was operating.


Real-time data

The Haugesund facility now operates with a very lean team. Where information used to be days – or even weeks – old, SAP MII lets process engineers and business decision makers pull up reports about the manufacturing environment that reflect real-time data – from a single data repository – for better planning and process execution.


FMC Corporation had some very bold dreams
with this project, but SAP helped make those
dreams come true.

Lessons Learned

A blueprint for upgrades

Now well positioned to meet future challenges, batch-manufacturing templates from SAP provide FMC with a blueprint they can use for deploying similar upgrades in other manufacturing plants around the world.

“The templates we developed… in Norway will serve as an accelerator for future deployments in plants throughout the world.”

Run Simple

Objectives within reach

“FMC’s IT systems are critical to running our businesses and supporting our growth strategies. I am excited about the role IT will play in reaching our Vision 2015 objectives, and the SAP implementation is a perfect example of how we can do that.”

Journey Ahead

Serve locally, expand globally

As FMC integrates more of their manufacturing-plant floors with broader corporate business systems, they can build on the infrastructure to operate more efficiently and with greater agility and responsiveness. They can become the larger global entity that they envision – while becoming more capable of meeting the local needs of their clients throughout the world.

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