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Customer Snapshot

Faster Analysis Improves Productivity and Insight

Providing property financing solutions
in more than

25 countries

Aareal Bank, a leading international property specialist listed in Deutsche Boerse’s MDAX index, offers structured property financing, consulting, and services for the housing and commercial property industry in Europe, North America, and Asia/Pacific. With SAP HANA, they’ve been able to improve both performance and efficiency.



Aareal Bank Group


Wiesbaden, Germany

Customer Website



€547 million (Net Interest Income)

Number of Employees

2,300 (Aareal Bank Group)

Implementation Partners

SAP Consulting

Line of Business

Finance, Information Technology



Featured Products

SAP Business Warehouse, SAP HANA


90 years of trust


  • 1923Deutsche Wohnstaetten-Bank AG founded.
  • 1924With currency stabilization making it difficult to finance housing construction, the German Reich Finance Ministry provided capital and commissioned the subsidiary Deutsche Wohnstaetten-Hypothekenbank as manager.
  • 1929The bank’s name changed several times as the national political systems and demands changed.
  • 1955The bank managed around 150,000 mortgages.
  • 1957 Modern data center built in Mainz, Germany. First bank in Germany to operate their own electronic information system.
  • 1972The bank managed one in five homes in Germany and operated the largest data center in the German housing industry.
  • 2001The Aareal Bank Group came into being.
  • 2002Aareal Bank AG listed on the stock exchange.
  • 2006The bank concentrated their business activities in two segments: “Structured Property Financing” and “Consulting/Services.”
  • 2013Aareal Bank Group looks back on an exciting 90-year history of continuity, reliability, flexibility, and innovative drive.

Business Model

A diverse international portfolio

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2013/customer-journey/cj-aareal-bank-group-a-leading-international-property-specialist-vidcj718.mp4
  • 488
  • 275

A leading international property specialist

The Challenge

More data, faster analysis

Needing rapid and flexible analysis of massive amounts of data – from multiple sources – Aareal Bank wanted to simplify and enhance analysis from SAP and non-SAP applications, accommodate over 30% growth in data volume per year, eliminate user wait time, and reduce complexity through use of the latest technology.

Enter SAP

Time is money

Aareal was convinced SAP could enhance the user experience and save significant user waiting time. They also liked the short implementation time SAP promised. So they decided to upgrade their existing SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component to run on the SAP HANA platform. In just 10 weeks, Aareal Bank boosted query performance by 70%.

  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2013/customer-journey/cj-aareal-bank-group-accelerating-the-system-vidcj719.mp4
  • 488
  • 275

Accelerating the system

The SAP Experience

A speedy migration

Aareal Bank was able to upgrade the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component in less than 6 weeks, migrate the development platform to SAP HANA platform in 2 days, and finally upgrade to Unicode. The production system migrated with only 2 days of downtime.


“The project was delivered in 10 weeks on budget.
They were able to cut user response times by an average factor of four, which contributed to a significant increase in efficiency.”


Faster response, greater insight

With SAP HANA, Aareal Bank’s user response time is now four times faster. Management reports are now turned around 67% faster. The bank saw a 50–70% increase in productivity, and greatly compressed their database.


The key benefits: greater insight into product analysis, risk and financial controlling, credit portfolio planning, and accounting.


  • http://sapvideo.edgesuite.net/vod/2013/customer-journey/cj-aareal-bank-group-changing-possibilities-with-sap-hana-vidcj720.mp4
  • 488
  • 275

Changing possibilities with SAP HANA

Run Simple

Well positioned

With SAP HANA in place, efficiency and productivity have greatly improved in the ways and places that count the most. Despite a challenging global economy – and higher capital requirements and stricter liquidity rules – Aareal Bank is now well positioned to succeed in a very competitive business environment.

Journey Ahead

Partnered for speed

SAP remains a strong partner for Aareal Bank, as the bank seeks to expand services and resources in the areas of securitization/syndication. That’s why Aareal plans to go forward with SAP, and with SAP HANA in particular, to continue to speed up business processes.


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