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Stefan Ries

Stefan Ries

Stefan Ries, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), is a member of the Global Managing Board of SAP SE with global responsibility for Human Resources. He was appointed to the Global Managing Board of SAP SE in May 2014.

Stefan was born in Bavaria and raised in Constance, Germany, where he spent most of his youth. After receiving his masters of business in economics from the University of Constance in 1991, he moved to Munich. He started his career as HR Manager at Microsoft, overseeing HR duties in Austria, Switzerland, and East European countries.

July 1994, he went on to lead the HR function for Compaq Computer in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and was based in Munich. Following the company’s acquisitions of Tandem Computers and Digital Equipment Corporation in 1999/2000, and the resulting integration efforts, Stefan led the entire HR organization for Compaq in Germany.

Stefan first joined SAP in 2002. By 2010, he was responsible for various HR functions, heading up HR business partner organization and overseeing all HR functions on an operational level.

Between 2010 and 2014, he worked as a consultant with Egon Zehnder International and was a member of the global High Technologies/Information Technologies Practice Group, overseeing local and international projects to recruit, assess, and select top management talent.

To support innovation, Stefan attaches great importance to a diverse working culture. He is convinced that appreciating the differences among people, their unique backgrounds and personalities is a key success factor for SAP.

In addition to his master’s degree in economics, he has attended senior management-education programs, including INSEAD and Harvard Business School.