SAP Global Managing Board

The SAP Global Managing Board was established in addition to the SAP Executive Board, which retains ultimate responsibility for overseeing and deciding on the activities of the company. The Global Managing Board allows SAP to appoint a broader range of global leaders to help steer the organization. It comprises of the members of the Executive Board and selected additional members and has advisory and decision-supporting functions for the Executive Board.

  • Global Managing Board Members
  • Bill McDermott

    • CEO
    • Joined SAP: 2002

  • Ingrid-Helen Arnold

    • Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of Cloud Delivery
    • Joined SAP: 1996
      Special responsibilities:
    • Cloud Delivery
    • Cloud Operations and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
    • Business Innovation and Application Services
  • Robert Enslin

    • President, Global Customer Operations
    • Joined SAP: 1992
      Special responsibilities:
    • Global Go-to-Market efforts
    • Cloud and Line of Business Sales
    • Regional Sales and Operations
    • Specialized Industry Sales
    • Ecosystem and Channels
    • End-to-end customer experience
  • Bernd Leukert

    • Products & Innovation
    • Joined SAP: 1994
      Special responsibilities:
    • Global Development Organization
    • Analytics
    • Applications
    • Cloud
    • Database & Technology
    • Mobile
  • Luka Mucic

    • Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer
    • Joined SAP: 1996
      Special responsibilities:
    • Finance and Administration, including Investor Relations and Data Protection & Privacy
    • Process Office
  • Gerhard Oswald

    • Joined SAP: 1981
      Special responsibilities:
    • SAP Active Global Support
    • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Delivery
    • Solution & Knowledge Packaging
    • SAP Global User Groups
    • Maintenance Go-to-Market
    • SAP Labs Network
  • Stefan Ries

    • Chief Human Resources Officer
    • Joined SAP: 2014
      Special responsibilities:
    • Human Resources including Talent
    • Leadership
    • Organizational Effectiveness