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Future Retail Center: enhancing customer value and business processes with co-innovation for trade, retail and logistics


One major goal of the Future Retail Center is to improve the customer experience while optimizing in-store processes—in grocery stores like this one-with intelligent deployment of IT and SAP systems The Future Retail Center is managed by the global Co-Innovation Lab and is located at the Swiss headquarter of SAP in Regensdorf, Switzerland. It is a joint effort between SAP and industrial as well as academic partner organizations to realize visions and innovations in the trade, retail and logistics industry.

The major goal of the Future Retail Center is to run joint co-innovation projects with partners and customers in the domain of trade, retail and logistics. The project scenarios aim on increasing the customer and employee value as well as optimizing the underlying processes. In a real-world environment we implement and showcase the project results based on SAP and partner solutions applying latest technologies.


Areas of focus

The Future Retail Center is currently focused on the following areas of co-innovation:

  • End Customer Value
    Automated fulfilment of constantly varying, highly individual end customer demand using new and efficient interaction approaches.

  • Employee and Management Processes
    Optimizing planning and execution of daily operations and management tasks inside the stores and headquarter.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics
    Satisfying the high demand of customers with efficient processes for supplying goods from manufacturer over distribution centers to the many stores.

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