Debt Investor Relations

Engage in an open and rewarding dialogue with SAP debt investor relations – whether you’re a private or institutional credit investor or a credit analyst. Learn how we manage our funds – and yours.

Gain an overview of our financial management, strategy, and credit profile. View our total outstanding debt or analyze our financial instruments, amounts, and coupons – everything you deserve to know as an SAP debt investor.

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Investor Services

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Let Our SAP Credit Profile Speak for Itself

See how SAP financial management strategies protect your debt investment by maintaining liquidity levels that meet our financial obligations at all times. Using business-generated cash flow to support operations, we can reserve investment funds to help us keep flexible.

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Outstanding Financial Debt

Access our financial instruments and maturity profile for a clear view of the promissory notes, private placements, bonds, and bank loans that make up our total outstanding debt – and see how we can safeguard and reward investors.

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Questions and Answers

Get answers to your most important questions about SAP debt investment. From “Does SAP have a credit rating?” to “How is SAP affected by current market turbulences?” to “Exactly what’s in it for me?” – we give you the transparency you want and deserve as an SAP debt investor.

Additional Information for Debt Investors