Making diversity and inclusion an everyday part of SAP’s culture

To us, diversity and inclusion are much more than policies – they help create the fabric of day-to-day life at SAP. Whether we are fostering a deeper understanding of gender dynamics, designing new workspaces to spark innovation, or supporting people in finding their voice, we believe that our differences enhance our culture and make us a better place to work.

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Janet Wood

Gender intelligence: One leader’s view

By working effectively together, both men and women can not only enhance our success, but reach further in their own careers. Janet Wood, SAP’s executive vice-president of leadership, has a unique perspective on what we mean by gender intelligence. She describes her own “Aha moments” and why she is now more likely to speak up.

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Recognition: Assessing our programs

Culture takes shape through people, and it is the people of SAP who bring diversity and inclusion to life. We seek to support them through policies and programs, and we are honored to receive recognition for these efforts. It lets us know that we are on the right path and encourages us to do even more.

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Freedom and flexibility: Our new workspaces

We want to make it easy for diverse teams to share ideas, collaborate in new ways, and express themselves freely – all of which support our innovation. We have created new workspaces that celebrate individual style and creativity, reflecting how much inclusiveness has permeated our culture.

Creating a healthy work culture

As we embrace people’s differences, we see links between diversity and inclusion and our efforts to create a culture in which everyone can be their best. Among our goals: helping people achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing.