Embracing differences to drive our innovation and future success

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture makes us a better company, fueling our innovation, enhancing our experience of work, and enabling us to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We see and value every individual for what they have to contribute. And we are committed not just to the principles underlying this philosophy, but the day-to-day practices that bring it to life.

Watch this 3-minute video to hear what diversity means to some of our employees

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Autism at Work: Valuing people’s abilities

Hiring people with autism reflects our broader philosophy – that a diverse and inclusive culture helps us create value for SAP and the world. We see an enormous opportunity to tap a bigger pool of talent and enhance our innovation.

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Our strategy: Fueling our innovation

Diversity and inclusion bring a host of business benefits. By embracing different perspectives, we can discover new solutions to problems and better understand our customers. In addition, an inclusive culture makes us a better place to work, enabling us to attract top talent.

Father playing with his son

The link to innovation: A diversity case study

After one of our employees had a son with disabilities, he came up with an innovative idea to develop a new technology platform to support caregivers. We embraced the idea, which shows how creativity is sparked by seeing people’s differences as a source of inspiration and strength.

Building a sustainable future

Nothing is more critical to our future success and innovation than our people. For this reason, such issues as diversity and inclusion are core to how we approach sustainability at SAP, as we address both our social and environmental impacts.