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Follow our social ambassadors as they report on hot topics leading up to – and during – SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, June 3-5.

SAP Business Trends  ›

The place where IT strategy and business value meet. Find expert opinion and insights from knowledgeable SAP insiders on emerging business trends.

SAP Runs SAP  ›

Find out how SAP is using SAP software in the SAP Global IT blog

Blogs from SAP Community Network (SCN)  ›

Read provocative blogs about SAP's products and services by the SAP community, comprised of customers, partners, product experts and industry thought leaders.

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Know your business, transform decision -making, and achieve remarkable results.

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Read the latest thought leadership blogs about finance, risk, and compliance, core banking, customer service, and capital markets from leading experts.

Ecosystem News and Blogs  ›

Explore the blog site for SAP's partner network.

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Read posts from leading experts in the on-demand market.

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Check out this blog from experts across our SAP Services portfolio covering topics like education, custom development, analytics, and more.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions  ›

Read posts from leading experts about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

SME News and Blogs  ›

SAP's blog for small and medium enterprises.

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