WANTED: Natural-born influencers & problem solvers

At SAP, we never stop pushing the boundaries of what our solutions can do for people and for the world.
SAP Academy for Early Talent will provide you with a world-class training experience and the skills, confidence, and experience to begin a successful career at SAP.
SAP customers represent 98% of the top 100 most valued brands in the world. This program is your opportunity to engage with customers, help solve their unique business challenges, and discover new ways to Run Simple!
Choose your path – Sales or Presales and join us for an adventure of a lifetime in sunny Dublin, California where you have the chance to jump-start a career in Sales working with colleagues from all over the world, with a great salary, benefits, and perks galore.

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  • SAP Academy 2017

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Sales or Presales? Read the statements below to help you decide which role you are best suited for:



  • I like roles where I'm responsible for leading a team.
  • I would prefer to have an individual quota where how much I earn is based on how much I sell.
  • I would enjoy the opportunity to contact customers for prospecting purposes.
  • I would prefer to engage customers and create meaningful relationships.
  • When spending time with customers, I would prefer to understand the big pictures of their needs, objectives, and how SAP can help them.



  • I like adding value as part of a team.
  • I would prefer a team-based compensation plan.
  • I would rather work with customers after they have agreed to meet.
  • I like the idea of being a trusted advisor and being able to use creative presentation and demo techniques to show what SAP has to offer.
  • I would want to get to know the customers in detail so that I could deliver an effective demo of SAP solutions to help them achieve their goal.

Now, choose your path to learn more

  • SAP Academy for Sales

    Are you a born influencer? Make a real impact on the world. Help major companies transform the way they do business.

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  • SAP Academy for Presales

    Are you a tech-savvy problem solver? Gain credibility by helping powerful organizations solve their toughest challenges.

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  • I am a dreamer.  Because of SAP Academy my future is full of possibilities!  There are people in my corner that are invested in my success and want to work with me, mentor me, and help me achieve my goals.

    SAP Academy student Alda


    SAP Academy for Sales

  • The Academy is absolutely fantastic and memorable.  I will never forget the time and what I learned.  It is a treasure for me.

    SAP Academy student Denise


    SAP Academy for Presales

  • When you bring many individuals from around the globe together, it creates a truly vibrant and rich learning experience.  I came into the program curious, and I am coming out of the program more curious than I ever was.

    SAP Academy student Elliot


    SAP Academy for Sales