SAP Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub: A cloud-based learning solution from SAP

Provide anytime, anywhere learning opportunities with SAP Learning Hub, our cloud-based enterprise learning solution. Everyone from business users to IT professionals can gain instant online access to a vast knowledgebase created by SAP – so you can cut costs and eliminate learning hurdles such as scheduling and travel.

  • Eliminate up-front infrastructure and development costs with subscription-based pricing
  • Easily monitor individual employee learning consumption and progress
  • Provide access to more than 2,000 training titles, including e-learning
  • Offers anywhere, anytime learning access online
  • Personalize each employee’s environment with user-relevant data
  • Access dynamic social learning opportunities and optional live training systems
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  • SAP Learning Hub

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SAP Learning Hub Overview FAQ

SAP Learning Hub is the most comprehensive SAP learning program that delivers cloud-based training. At a fixed subscription fee, the site can be purchased for an individual or up to thousands of users.

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Delaware Consulting:
Instant Access to Training

To keep its 500 SAP consultants on top of new and emerging functionality, Delaware provides them with instant access to training content via SAP Learning Hub. As a result, the firm is often first in its market to explore and offer the latest from SAP.

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A Strong Future for
SAP Learning Hub


Pierre Audoin Consultants, a privately held, management-owned research and consulting firm with a global network of industry analysts and consultants, published a blog about SAP Learning Hub which cites the strengths of cloud learning from SAP Education...

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