Alliander: Shrank IT Costs by 60%*

Alliander N.V. needed to improve its load forecasting and analytics capabilities to keep up with changing demand in the energy market. Learn how we helped them shrink grid optimization times from 10 weeks to 3 days – and reduce IT costs by 60%.*

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Worker Monitoring a Chemical Plant

Clariant: Better Product Safety and Stewardship

Read how Clariant International Ltd. uses product safety and stewardship solutions from SAP to provide specialty chemicals to companies worldwide. The solutions help chemical manufacturers, their customers, and their supply chains manage a fast-growing array of environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Miner inside a mine

MMG: Managing Health, Environment and Safety

Discover how MMG Limited, a global resources company, tracks and shares the results of safety, health, environment, and community management efforts. With the SAP EHS Management application and other SAP software, MMG can report on hazards, incidents, and near misses more quickly and easily.

Worker checking drums of chemicals

Taminco: Achieving Global Safety

Learn how this global chemicals company reduced operational risk and achieved ambitious workplace safety goals. SAP helped Taminco create a standardized process to globally analyze and report on incidents, near misses, and risk behavior—ensuring safe operations and continuous safety performance improvement.

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