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Deliver personalized, meaningful experiences at every stage of the customer journey – with marketing software from SAP. Gain unprecedented customer insight with advanced Big Data analytics – and leverage that insight to drive customer engagements across all channels including social and mobile. Deliver engaging experience throughout the entire buyer’s journey to build brand loyalty. Run marketing in real time; anticipate and react quickly and be first to market.

Learn how to improve your marketing ROI
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Real-Time, Relevant & Engaged Marketing

Learn in this report by the Harvard Business Review how analytics will deliver a real-time, relevant, and engaged customer experience strategy to better align between marketing and IT.

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Stronger Customer Experience

Discover six essential factors in this Bloomberg research paper based on interviews of top practitioners and industry experts for tips and useful advice for companies embarking on customer experience initiatives.

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Predictive Analytics for Marketing

SAP Predictive analytics for marketing gives you the agility, insight, and ease of use you need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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One Customer, Many Journeys

Discover how to engage your customers on their multiple touch points.

First Rule of Marketing: Focus on Your Audience

Everyday if you read you will hear a lot of experts, consultants and pundits share their tutelage about what makes for great marketing. Some may tell you...

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Future of Marketing: Big Data with Human Intuition

Yet big data and technology are clearly revolutionizing marketing. Gartner predicts that CMO’s will soon be spending more on IT than CIO’s...

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Digital Transformation

The paradox of the digital era is this: As the power of the individual increases, so too does her vulnerability. The business response to “digitalization” of our lives is known as Digital Transformation...

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Engaging with an Audience of One

Your customers must be an audience of one, where every part of your company is focused on their needs, their desires, and their successes...

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