Achieve excellence in finance with real-time analytics applications

Gain unprecedented insight into your financials with SAP’s analytics applications for finance. You’ll get the real-time data and applied analytics power you need to make more accurate forecasts, identify new ways to optimize costs, and help management make the smart decisions that will spur revenue growth across the entire enterprise.

  • Identify the KPIs that will drive the greatest revenue growth and profitability
  • Easily share financial intelligence with key stakeholders for immediate decision making
  • Use predictive analytics to improve financial performance from strategy to execution
  • Reduce financial risk through cash analyses with predictive modeling and visualization
  • Reduce financial risk through cash analyses with predictive modeling and visualization
  • Improve accounting with predefined content, advanced analyses, and ad hoc reporting
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          Empower Your Finance Team Everyday With Better Data

          Turn your finance team into expert analysts with SAP Lumira, our easy-to-use data visualization software. By combining data from multiple sources, they’ll gain key insight into the challenges of your organization and help drive better decisions.

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          Are You Getting Maximum Value From Big Data?

          Big Data is a huge buzzword these days – but few organizations know how to use it well. Discover how predictive analysis and data mining can help you extract maximum value from your data and turn dormant data into a huge competitive advantage.

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          Welcome to the World of Finance 3.0

          Discover how finance experts in your business can use advanced analytics from SAP to predict the future by analyzing Big Data – and then use that powerful information to positively influence business outcomes and profitability in real time.

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          Analytics for Finance