Building a best-run finance organization

Finance is no longer a back-office function. Now, finance leaders are playing a larger role in protecting their organizations' financial integrity – helping lines of business make informed decisions that support the interest of the entire company.

See how you can tackle today's challenging accountability and internal control issues – and comply with increasingly stringent compliance regulations and international reporting standards.

Mountain climber on a summit, representing best-run financial organizations
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Finance executives discussing closed loop performance management

Compete with Closed-Loop Performance Management

Learn about the crucial role the finance department can play in delivering closed-loop performance management, which ensures effective enterprise-wide execution of organizational strategy.

Team discussing core financial processes

Investing in Core Financial Management Processes

Research from the advisory group APQC suggests that many large organizations will invest in their financial management processes to strengthen areas like payables, receivables, and budgeting. Learn what top performers are doing to rise above the competition.

Relay runners handing off the baton

Opportunity Watch: Advanced Analytics In Finance

Big data is transforming industries. From education to tech, retail, and healthcare, sophisticated analytics are helping organizations make intelligent decisions to maximize key goals...