How wholesalers and distributors can benefit from SaaS ERP

Wholesalers and distributors need enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that support visibility, collaboration, and agility over wide geographical networks. Read this Aberdeen report to discover how SaaS and cloud-based ERP solutions can transform the way you do business – by giving you more insight into your operations, accelerating your decision making, optimizing your shipment processes, and increasing your profit margins.

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Millennials walking in a city

Wholesale Distribution for Millennials

How does GenY affect the wholesale distribution industry? This blog post explores why the aging industry needs to attract, recruit, and retain fresh, young talent in order to innovate and keep up with lightning-fast technological and business process change.

Industrial distributor checking boxes in a warehouse

How to Woo Customers in Industrial Distribution

Explore the different ways top performing industrial distributors in the U.S. are getting closer to their customers and gaining a better understanding of their needs – from using advanced analytics to adopting the latest mobile, social, cloud, and Big Data technologies.

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Join the Wholesale Distribution Community

Want to find or share knowledge about the wholesale distribution processes that drive your business? Join our community to access articles and blogs, network with industry experts, participate in forums, and get the latest industry information, ideas, and trends.

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Is Your Company's Spending Out of Control?

Read this blog by Mike Wise, SAP lead industry principal for wholesale distribution, discuss his daughters’ spending habits, and how this relates to procurement challenges faced by distributors.

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