Develop and manufacture high-quality, innovative products ahead of your automotive OEM competition

Innovate faster and reduce manufacturing and supply-chain lead times with our software for automotive OEMs. We can supply the tools you need to collaboratively engage all your partners and speed up the delivery of desirable products to market.

  • Collaborate with other companies in the value chain
  • Design and innovate ahead of the competition
  • Manufacture efficiently and cost effectively
  • Meet compliance and EH&S regulations


An automotive assembly line, representing SAP automotive management software for OEM
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Mechanic working on a tire

Pirelli: Winning the Race for Service Excellence

See how Pirelli decided to win the race for service excellence by leveraging SAP ActiveEmbedded services for supporting and maintaining an SAP HANA database, giving the company near-real-time data to help ensure that products are delivered to distributors at the right time.

Man riding a red motrocycle

Kawasaki - Running Better

The SuccessFactors platform incorporated many of the best practices that KMC knew it needed to be striving for. The software offered electronic processes that demanded a higher level of discipline and consistency than what they had been used to in the archaic paper-based processes.

Worker building components, demonstrating SAP solutions for automotive OEM

Empower Product, R&D, and Quality Managers

Drive cross-functional portfolio and project management, innovation, and collaboration across your automotive OEM business. See how our PLM software can help you ensure quality, take advantage of transparent, flexible processes, gain a consistent product data structure, and more.

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