eBay: Bidding farewell to missed opportunities

See how eBay is using real-time predictive analytics powered by SAP HANA to gain insight into the health of its marketplace. Instead of detecting market signals too late – resulting in missed opportunities and delayed corrective action – the online auction giant can now provide timely, Big Data intelligence to sellers. This new Early Signal Detection System improves predictability and pinpoints opportunities earlier.

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Trader running a query on big data

SunGard: Accelerating Query Time

Find out how this provider of compliance products for trading companies is using SAP Sybase IQ to manage a dramatic jump in customers, data volumes, and complex queries after compliance concerns took center stage in the financial services industry.

Streaks of light on a busy highway, representing the speed of SAP HANA

Cisco: Supercharging Responsiveness

How is this global networking leader mining billions of rows of data in seconds – rather than hours or days? With SAP HANA. See how Cisco Systems is using our in-memory platform to speed responsiveness and leverage real-time business insights.

Doctors using big data analytics on a tablet

MKI: Revolutionizing Genome Analysis

Discover how MKI is using SAP HANA, Hadoop, and R to shorten genome analysis time from several days to only 20 minutes.* And see why patients may soon be receiving personalized cancer treatment optimized for their DNA.

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