University of Kentucky: Helping more students graduate

Discover how the University of Kentucky (UK) is using the SAP Real-Time Data Platform to improve retention and help students achieve their academic goals. Faster data analysis, predictive tuition and revenue modeling, and real-time insight into student performance are making it easier for UK to retain and graduate a student body of 28,000.

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Warehouse worker scanning pallets

Redington Gulf: Wowing Customers

See how Redington Gulf – the largest supply chain provider for IT distribution and support services across the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey – is improving database performance and keeping customers happy with SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

Stock Trading

Mozzart: Betting on Higher Profits

Read how this sports betting leader in the Western Balkans bet on a sure thing when it implemented SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Sybase PowerDesigner. The payoff? Real-time profit analysis for 50,000 daily games and 700% faster delivery of ad hoc reports.*

Man using a smartphone

AAPT: Running a Robust Report Engine

Find out how AAPT, one of Australia’s leading telecoms, is quickly generating key performance indicator (KPI) reports across multiple billing systems – and creating a single view of each customer – with SAP Sybase IQ and SAP Data Services software.

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Minacs: Creating High-Octane Marketing

Read how Minacs Marketing Solutions retooled its data management and reporting systems – giving its automotive clients near real-time data.

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Lexmark: Gaining a Better Customer View

See how Lexmark is using SAP information management solutions to improve data quality and efficiency – and gain a better view of its customers.

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Novacart: Maximizing Data Visibility

Read how Novacart smoothly upgraded to the SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise database – and achieved full data visibility with a lower TCO.

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