SAP Precision Marketing

Deliver personalized shopping experiences that drive revenue growth and inspire consumer loyalty

Inform consumers and influence their shopping behavior at the point of decision with SAP Precision Marketing. This new cloud-based solution, powered by SAP HANA, can help you deliver personalized 1-to-1 offers in real time across multiple channels.

  • Grow revenue and market share by influencing consumer behavior at the point of purchase
  • Improve offer conversion rates and drive larger basket sizes
  • Increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty by offering highly-personalized shopping experiences
  • Maximize return on marketing investment by gathering valuable data about consumer behavior
  • Help consumers save time, save money, and find the products that are right for them
Consumers browsing products in a store
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A woman shopping

Highly-targeted, Real Time Retailing

Learn how SAP can help you deliver a better shopping experience for your customers and better returns for your business by analyzing massive amounts of data to anticipate major events in consumers' lives. You'll be able to target consumers and influence their shopping behavior at just the right time.

Consumer browsing products in a supermarket

Reacting in the Retail Moment

Demand changes by the day, hour, and even the minute. Learn how in-memory computing can help your retail company analyze big data in real time – to better understand and fulfill consumer needs, optimize supply chain operations, and deliver a competitively superior retail experience.

Retailers interacting with a customer

360-Degree Customer Experience

Hear SAP executives and customers across the beauty, construction, and energy industries discuss the value of a 360-degree customer experience. And learn how a new generation of customer relationship management tools can help your company significantly boost market share.

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