Rise of the machines: From hype to reality in M2M

The Internet of Things is the vision of a world in which machines of all types and sizes can autonomously communicate with each other. Over the past year we’ve seen a surge of interest around the core-enabling technology of the connected world: machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. In “The Rise of the Machines,” leading industry experts weigh in on the M2M revolution and discuss how forward-thinking mobile operators will find new revenue sources by connecting cars, homes, equipment, and all manner of other devices to their networks.

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The Internet of Things and You

Devices will join the Internet of Things in vast numbers over the next 10 years. They’ll talk to you and to each other and learn to make smart decisions themselves. Listen to Radio Talk by SAP and Peppers & Rogers Group to discover how experts think our world is about to change.

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IDC's 2014 Internet of Things Predictions


In case you thought the Internet of Things is just another fad that will pass away, think again. IDC just released their 2014 predictions for the Internet of Things and you can expect a ton of exciting activity around this topic...

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5 Musts for Connecting it All - The Internet of Things

Researchers estimate that there will be between 50-75 billion things connected to the internet by 2020. Enterprises that are just getting ready to adopt the "Internet of Things" need strategic direction to get started. Mobile Enterprise describes the 5 must-haves to build a connected enterprise.

Harnessing the Internet of Things

This Webinar examines the trends, gives real-world examples already transforming business, and looks at how pace layering and advanced architectures can help you prepare your organization for the future.

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Building an M2M Business

Machine-to-machine technology seeks to be the next high-growth sector in fixed-line and mobile connectivity. Experts see this as a significant revenue opportunity for communication service providers.
- Steve Hilton, 9/17/13

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Internet of Things and M2M: “The Next Big Thing”

ComputerWorld talks to Adaire Fox-Martin about how to leverage the Internet of Things to reach new levels of productivity and automation.
- Debarati Roy, 8/21/13

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Is The Internet of Things Near a Tipping Point?

According to a recent IDC report, the Internet of Things is near a major tipping point. Learn what this means for individuals and industries.
- Joe Granda, 5/1/13

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Internet of Things: Pipe Dream or Reality?

The Internet of Things is less like sci-fi and more like items you’ll soon find at Best Buy. Here are some of today’s great IoT products.
- CJ Castillo, 7/29/13

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M2M Communications

Wireless comunications carriers may soon be faced with a dilemma: will they give preference on their networks to people chatting and texting on their devices or to machines communicating with each other?
- Irfan Khan, 11/7/12

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How M2M is Reinventing the Phone Company

Find out which telecommunications companies are at the forefront of the M2M revolution and what this could mean for other industries.
- Susan Galer, 2/25/13.

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SAP and Ericsson Join Forces for Better M2M

Ericsson and SAP have joined forces to deliver cloud-based machine-to-machine solutions and services to enterprises around the globe.
- Richard Hirsch, 2/28/13

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How SAP Will Help Power the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is changing the way we live and creating new business scenarios along the way. Learn about SAP’s vision of the M2M future.
- Joe Granda, 2/28/13

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Are You Ready for Some Internet of Things

Wearables are already deeply embedded in the sports world. GigaOm talks to SAP about what we can learn about IoT and data derived from wearables from the NFL and the NBA.

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Visit the M2M Thought Leadership Center

The consume-to-cash team at SAP recently launched an all-new thought leadership center in partnership with Economist Intelligence unit.

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