NongFu Spring: Accelerating performance with SAP HANA

Find out why the top distributor of bottled water in China replaced Oracle Data Mart with the SAP HANA platform. Hear from NongFu Spring's CIO, Patrick Hoo, and learn how the company is running data synchronization in real time, producing business logic calculations in seconds, and generating reports 200 to 300 times faster than ever before.*

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Medtronic, Deloitte, McKesson, and the University of Kentucky discuss how they use SAP HANA for Big Data

A Big Data Platform: How Customers Use SAP HANA

See how the SAP HANA platform churns through volumes of big data in real time, enabling new levels of business insight. Hear how Medtronic, Deloitte, McKesson, and the University of Kentucky are using SAP HANA to extract value from business data while enabling better reporting, analysis, and decision making.

SAP HANA can help you process big data volumes to deliver tangible business value

MKI: Gaining Insight from Big Data

Learn how MKI used the platform to co-develop an innovative application that analyzes cancer genomes. After identifying mutations, the solution lists drugs capable of curing diseases caused by the mutation.

Lenovo uses SAP Hana to simplify IT and reduce TCO

Lenovo: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Hear how Lenovo plans to process 1.8 million contract records with multiple attributes in less than one second using the SAP HANA platform. Learn from this technology giant how you can simplify IT and reduce total cost of ownership.

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More Customer Testimonials

Deloitte: Gaining Financial Insight

Hear how Deloitte uses the SAP HANA platform to develop applications that provide instant insight into liquidity and cash flow information.

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Lenovo: Leveraging Real-Time Analytics

Learn how Lenovo is analyzing vast amounts of data within its CRM system, including complex contract records, with SAP HANA appliance software.

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Intel: Cutting Query Time

Learn how Intel reduced its database query time with SAP HANA appliance software running on the company's Xeon processor 7500 series.

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Procter & Gamble: Building Speedy Applications

Hear how P&G – the world's largest consumer products company – evaluated SAP HANA appliance software to build its next-generation financial planning and reporting applications.

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Nomura Research Institute: Accelerating Analysis

See Akihiko Nakamura, corporate SVP at NRI, explain how the company used SAP HANA appliance software to analyze Tokyo traffic information.

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Infosys: Making Smarter Financial Decisions

See how Infosys conducts on-the-fly, what-if analyses of revenue and cost data, using SAP HANA appliance software for better decisions.

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Hilti: Shortening Analysis Time

Learn how Hilti is merging analytic and transactional records to significantly reduce analysis time – using SAP HANA appliance software.

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Bosch and Siemens: Adapting to Customer Needs

Watch this video featuring Dr. Jürgen Sturm, CIO of Bosch and Siemens – and see how the company is rapidly adapting to changing customer needs with SAP HANA appliance software.

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Surgutneftegas: Accelerating Reporting

See how Surgutneftegas, one of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia, uses SAP HANA to gain real-time insights into its business.

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Centrica: Increasing Customer Energy Efficiency

This utility helps customers become more energy efficient with SAP HANA appliance software that can analyze vast amounts of smart meter data.

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Cisco Systems: Driving Technology

Learn how long-time SAP partner Cisco is advancing its own technologies and those of its customers by using SAP in-memory computing.

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Colgate-Palmolive: Accelerating Business

See how Colgate-Palmolive runs reports with remarkable speed – and drastically reduces process times – with SAP HANA appliance software.

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