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Featured Experts

Colleagues discussing database vendor research in a boardroom

Superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Find out why Bloor Research concluded that SAP Sybase ASE is "significantly superior" to Oracle 11g with respect to total cost of ownership. ASE was more economical in more than 85% of cost measurements – and over 20% less expensive in areas like licensing, administration, and support.*

Executives discussing database reviews

A Marriage Made in Database Heaven

Learn why IDC believes that pairing Sybase database technology with SAP transactional and analytic applications is a marriage made in database heaven. Read the white paper to uncover the benefits of the combination – from improved data connectivity to streamlined cross-database data management.

Train waiting at the platform

SAP Helps Keep Russian Railways on the Right Track



That’s a lot to keep track of, but RZD has an advantage. The Moscow-based transport company already moves 1 billion passengers and 1.4 billion tons of freight on a network that spans 11 time zones with the help of SAP ActiveEmbedded.

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Enterprise Database Management Musings

Discover how to maximize query performance and realize the full potential of SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) on the ASE community network.

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Information and Enterprise Architecture Community

Understand the impact of change with SAP PowerDesigner – a powerful modeling tool for data, information, and enterprise architectures.

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Leveraging Trading and Risk Technology

Join these financial services industry discussions on trading and risk technologies – and learn how to make them work more efficiently for you.

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SAP HANA Community: Experts Speak Out

Learn how you can gain an edge with our in-memory technology – from real-time customer and market insights to profitability analysis.

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Analyst Report: SAP Sybase IQ and Big Data

Find out how SAP Sybase IQ, a column-based relational data-base for analytics and BI, is helping businesses manage massive quantities of data.

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