Send your customer engagement levels through the roof

The best way to drive higher levels of customer engagement? Make it easy for consumers to interact with you and buy your products in whatever way they want. Our industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) software for sales, marketing, customer service, e-commerce, and social media can help you create the ultimate omni-channel customer experience.

  • Establish a single view of the customer across every department – from marketing to the warehouse
  • Use advanced analytics to anticipate each customer’s needs and personalize interactions in real time
  • Eliminate complexity and keep customers engaged across all social media and mobile devices
  • Use a central CRM dashboard to gain valuable business intelligence and predict future behavior
  • Grow engagement, loyalty, and your bottom line by offering a superior customer experience
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Sales executives engaging with customers

See the Future with a CRM “Crystal Ball”

SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence is a suite of CRM applications for the sales, marketing, and customer service lines of business powered by SAP HANA. Use this business intelligence software to gain deeper insight into customers and identify new opportunities to strategically grow your revenues.

Colleagues using CRM software on a laptop

CRM 2.0: Customer Engagement

More and more marketing, sales, and customer service teams are torn between the needs of empowered customers, who want to control their own journeys, and traditional CRM technology that can’t meet their demands. Discover the many ways SAP’s customer engagement solutions can help close this gap.

Customer giving a good review via her tablet

How to Create More Brand Advocates

Learn how SAP CRM can help you manage successful loyalty programs, memberships, and rewards across multiple channels – including the Web and call center. Enhance the customer experience, increase retention, and create passionate brand advocates – with integrated, end-to-end loyalty management.

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