Tipp24.com: Quadrupling campaign accuracy

How did Tipp24.com – one of Europe’s leading licensed lottery intermediaries – improve targeting accuracy for its marketing campaigns by 300%? By not leaving it to chance. Instead, Tipp24 relies on the power of SAP InfiniteInsight for predictive modeling that introduces the perfect game to the right player – at exactly the right time.*


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Cox: Selling More to Each Household

Discover how Cox Communications – the third-largest cable entertainment and broadband provider in the U.S. – uses SAP InfiniteInsight for predictive modeling. Now they sell 14% more products per household, while slashing churn by 28%.*

Group of college students chatting

Skyrock.com: Monetizing Social

Learn how social network Skyrock.com uses the SAP InfiniteInsight Recommendation application to analyze data from more than 12 million monthly visitors. The result? More accurate “friend” suggestions, a stickier site – and higher advertising revenue.

Man reading a marketing message on his smartphone

Vodafone Netherlands: Reducing Churn

Find out how telecommunications company Vodafone Netherlands uses SAP InfiniteInsight to predict churn before it happens. Now they can tell customers about the products and services that will make their mobile life better – anytime, everywhere.

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