Unipart: Identifying issues before they can occur

Hear how Unipart Group has gained visibility across its supply chain – and is now successfully reducing waste. By adding SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 to their existing SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BW solutions, Unipart has gained the ability to quickly analyze data and proactively manage global supply chain issues.


 Unipart Group identifies issues before they can occur with BusinessObjects 4.0
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Worker monitoring production performance

Votorantim Cimentos: Monitoring KPIs Continuously

Read how Brazilian cement products giant Votorantim Cimentos leveraged the power of our business intelligence dashboards to create and distribute 170 daily reports – providing real-time data on their 100 most important KPI's.

Executive reviewing business intelligence report on a laptop

InvestorPlace Media: Managing Marketing Data

Discover how this financial publisher tamed the flood of marketing data that was threatening to overwhelm their company's analysts. With the help of our BI solutions they have improved reporting efficiency, staff productivity and customer service – all while executing highly targeted campaigns.

Medical staff reviewing dashboard on tablet

SA Health: Optimizing Hospital Patient Flow

Addressing patient flow and managing hospital capacity is a critical issue for hospital management professionals. Find out how South Australia Health is enhancing hospital-wide information transparency to help patient flow management by using dashboarding software from SAP to gain real-time status information and reporting for hospital services.

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