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Speed up software adoption with targeted communications

Streamline SAP software deployment and user adoption – with a communications solution that can send validated messages to project teams, users, and stakeholders. Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time – on the device of their choice. And track message receipt and reader comprehension.

  • Fast-track software deployment with improved project communication and change management
  • Accelerate user adoption through validated messages and knowledge-check assessments
  • Increase the value of your technology investment with broader adoption and user proficiency

Featured Resources


Accelerate the adoption of SAP software

When deploying new software, companies must carefully communicate essential information to users, stakeholders, and implementation team members. Sharing this knowledge with the right people at the right time via their channel of choice is key to a successful deployment.

The impact of L&D on change management

Top organizations practice successful change management by integrating learning and development (L&D) early in the process – and at every step. Learn why these same companies are more likely to mobilize dedicated change management teams and deploy a blended communication strategy.

Ongoing education for greater user adoption

SAP Education is uniquely qualified to help you maximize the value of your SAP software and technology investments. Discover all of the learning options available, including the value of providing validated communications -- before, during and after software rollout.
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