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Enable and configure the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, gamification service


Enable and configure the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, gamification service

By colin.kraczkowsky

In SAP HANA Cloud Platform, configure the user roles and connectivity destinations necessary to use the gamification service.

You will learn

How to enable the gamification service in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account as well as what roles and destination configurations are necessary to develop gamified applications.


  1. In your Web browser, open the cockpit of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Then select Services from the left-hand navigation.

    Selecting Services
  2. Select Gamification Service and click Enable to enable the service.

    Not Enabled Gamification Service

    A gamification service subscription is now assigned to your account.

    Enabled Gamification Service
  3. Click Configure Gamification Service.Configure Gamification Service
  4. Select Roles from the left-hand navigation.

    Configure Roles

    Verify that the following roles have been assigned to your user:
    - AppStandard
    - AppAdmin
    - GamificationReviewer
    - GamificationDesigner
    - TenantOperator
    - helpdesk

    Verify Roles
  5. Back in the Cockpit, select Destinations from the left-hand navigation. Verify that the gsdest and gswidgetdest destinations required by the gamification service are listed.Account-level Destinations

    Do NOT click the Destinations button in the gamification service itself.

  6. Click the Edit button to open the gsdest destination for editing.

    Verifying Destinations

    Verify that User is your SAP ID user and replace the default Password mask with your SAP ID user password. Click Save.

    Configure Destination

Next Steps

Updated 12/08/2016

Time to Complete

5 Min.



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