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Customer Snapshot: Overview

100% employee-owned

What began as a group of 5 consultants in traffic coordination has expanded across 5 decades to 900 professionals in more than 30 offices throughout the USA. While TranSystems Corporation is at the top of their game, employee retention in a competitive landscape and an aging management team has created a hazy view of the company’s future.

TranSystems Corporation

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Human Resources

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Kansas City, Missouri

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They called upon SAP to help them streamline talent review and other HR processes for better succession planning and recruiting. With new systems in place, there are now clear skies and open roads ahead as far as the eye can see.

Customer Snapshot: History

Laying the Groundwork For Growth

TranSystems had its origins as a small transportation planning firm based in Kansas City, five people strong, with revenues to match. The core firm was organized in 1966 as Johnson, Brickell, Mulcahy Associates Engineers and Planners (JBM), with specialized expertise in traffic coordination. For a number of years the only type of work pursued or undertaken were traffic studies, with occasional forays into signal work.

Today, with annual revenues in excess of $200 million, the firm is comprised of 37 offices serving all the major transportation, commercial, and industrial centers of the nation, approximately 1,000 professionals committed to identifying and solving the transportation issues of their clients. From undertaking several dozen projects a year, it now delivers more than 4,000. It ranks high on industry and magazine listings, and counts among its clients’ premier agencies and organizations in every state, from departments of Transportation to Fortune 100 firms.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Big Picture View with Experts Leading the Charge

The success of today's transportation project relies on approaches that incorporate all the disciplines and knowledge of the architecture, engineering and planning (AEP) fields. The TranSystems promise is to meet complex design and planning needs with exactly that combination of expertise and big picture understanding that leads to inherently superior solutions.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Helping the Transportation World Run Simple

TranSystems’ mission is to deliver solutions across the whole of the transportation world. To do this, they bring together an unusually wide range of consulting expertise under one roof. Their experts bring an impressive depth of knowledge in their fields of study, but never lose sight of the inherent connectedness of the transportation challenge.

The Challenge

Reinforcing the Foundation for a Solid Journey Ahead

With an aging population, attracting and retaining new, highly specialized talent in a competitive landscape is the main challenge TranSystems is facing right now. TranSystems looked to SAP to help them revamp their succession planning and recruitment strategies to support growth and employee retention. They needed a solution that was highly customizable and could be easily changed based on their evolving needs.

With a solid history and a strong presence, TranSystems needed to look ahead to solidify its future.

Enter SAP

Paving the Way for a Business Focused on Transportation to Move Forward

While TranSystems is currently at the top of their game, it takes more than just running in place to stay ahead. When they were looking for solutions, SAP stood out as the most affordable, customizable, user-friendly solution that could integrate with their existing tools and processes. They were impressed with the robust performance and goal management system that SuccessFactors could provide, helping them capture and centralize key metrics and analytics.

There was a non-quantifiable aspect of the attraction to SAP as well: the level of trust established between TranSystems staff and the SuccessFactors team was a great factor in successful implementation of the new solutions.

Affordability, trust, innovation: a three-pillared recipe for success with SuccessFactors. 

Better Business

Better Access to Data

With almost 1,000 employees to keep track of, TranSystems needed an HR management tool that could help them identify and reward performance in a timely manner as well as train potential future managers to fill more senior positions as they become available. With SuccessFactors solutions in place, TranSystems had complete visibility into their talent pool, helping them recognize growth opportunities for employees, retain trusted talent and optimize their resources.

SuccessFactors put the best data on talent we’ve ever had right at our fingertips. It streamlined succession planning and recruiting processes to help us attract and retain talent and compete much more effectively. — Shawn Richardson, Director of HR and Organizational Development and Training, TranSystems Corporation

Better Business: Benefits

Finding and Keeping the Best Talent

Implementing SAP solutions helped TranSystems accelerate their merit and compensation processes from months to just a few weeks, saving time and closing the gap between assessing employee performance and rewarding talent. The improved employee recognition and reward system has already saved thousands of dollars by improving retention and reducing the turnover rate. With new database management and analytics systems in place, the cost-per-hire ratio was also significantly reduced as was the allocation and overall cost-effectiveness of the entire recruiting, talent management and HR process.


Improving talent pool visibility helps cut costs and set a clear path ahead.

Better Business: Run Simple

Planning Ahead

With time-honored, loyal employees getting ready to retire, TranSystems needed a succession plan in place. Before engaging SAP, most aging managers had not identified a successor for their eventual retirement. Without a plan, a last-minute shuffle to promote or hire a replacement could cost the company time and money. SAP helped TranSystems establish one-to-five-year succession plans for all primary and midlevel managers to plan and train for the future. For TranSystems, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

Journey Ahead

Ready, Set, Grow!

TranSystems is looking ahead to doubling their workforce and hiring highly qualified successors to replace their trusted retiring employees. With new succession plans and HR management systems from SAP in place, TranSystems is ready to stay ahead of the competition in attracting and retaining new talent, acquiring new projects and keeping the country moving forward over land, sea, rail and air.

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