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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Global Bread Market expected to reach $170 Billion in 2015

As one of the largest frozen bakery companies in the world, ARYZTA attributes their growth and success to targeted acquisitions. In fact, in the past 17 years, they’ve acquired more than a baker’s dozen. Integrating systems and operations worldwide, incorporating corporate offices as well as the small local bakeries they own, can be a challenge. The company implemented SAP SuccessFactors to consolidate processes, onboard new companies, manage employees and get everyone following the same corporate recipe quickly and efficiently.


€4.8 billion

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Consumer Products

Zurich, Switzerland

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Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SuccessFactors Employee Central, SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Customer Snapshot: History

Acquisitions Are the Recipe for Success

Historically, ARYZTA has expanded through a balanced mix of organic and acquisition growth. And in the last 17 years, ARYZTA has acquired at least a dozen major baking companies. ARYZTA has specific criteria for the companies it wants to acquire. This includes targeting businesses that can extend ARYZTA's geographic footprint, provide product expansion and cross-selling opportunities, and increase penetration into focused customer channels.
Los Angeles’ La Brea Bakery is a prime example. La Brea Bakery, which ARYZTA has owned since 2001, became a local sensation after it helped spark an artisan bread renaissance in the late 1980s. Now it is one of the largest artisanal bakeries in the United States.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Increased Quantity Without Sacrificing Quality

ARYZTA AG is a global food business with a leadership position in frozen bakery, par-baked artisan breads as well as a wide range of specialty bakery products. Their par-baked product responds to the consumer’s desire for that “just out of the oven” aroma, texture and freshness, that is delivered with an in-store bake off. The aroma of freshly baked goods at the point of sale drives consumer footfall and represents a point of difference for ARYZTA’s customers in foodservice and retail establishments. 

ARYZTA has invested in its manufacturing capability and has established a market leading position in frozen bakery. ARYZTA stands for uncompromising quality and authenticity, which is evident in their consistently exceptional breads and baked goods. They are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to provide an outstanding quality product for the consumer.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

The Biggest Bakery You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The ARYZTA name might not be familiar to you, but it’s almost a guarantee that you know one or more of the Company’s leading international brands. Coup de Pates®, La Brea Bakery®, Cuisine de France®, Hiestand®, Oakrun Farm Bakery®, and Otis Spunkmeyer® are all part of the ARYZTA family. Global leadership and market share like this are no accident. ARYZTA’s success is built, at least in part, on two things: a carefully crafted growth strategy and an IT infrastructure designed to support the Company’s vision. 
Historically, ARYZTA has expanded through a balanced mix of organic and acquisition growth. And in the last 17 years, ARYZTA has acquired at least a dozen major baking companies.

The Challenge

Seeking the Recipe for Success in the Cloud

ARYZTA needed a new process to integrate acquired companies quickly. They opted for a centralized, cloud-based HR system that would help them gain better insight and improve talent management for better delivery of products and service to their customers.

Enter SAP

SAP Rises to the Challenge

Connecting local bakeries worldwide is not just a linguistic challenge. It’s also a technical one. Many bakeries don’t have ready computer access, and different systems are used in different regions. ARYZTA selected SAP SuccessFactors for its ability to capture information on the global workforce and better track talent using cloud-based mobile solutions to eliminate platform challenges like these. 
From onboarding new companies quickly to enabling all employees to self-manage their profiles and needs, the entire system can now Run Simple with a cloud-based mobile solution.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Incorporating Businesses Like New Ingredients Into the Corporate Recipe

Where it used to take years to integrate a newly acquired company, it now takes weeks thanks to SAP’s Run Simple approach.
11 months to launch in 14 countries 

Better Business


Better Visibility in the Search for Talent

With a new solution in place, ARYZTA’s HR-related transactions, interactions, and management are all centralized with a foundation for consistent global workflows and processes. Hiring is also easier with insight into talent pools, making it possible to fill projects with talent anywhere in the world.

Better Business: Benefits

Freshly Baked Processes Give Off the Sweet Smell of Success

Investing in cloud-based mobile technology turned out to be a valuable investment in their valued employees, enabling them to manage their own information such as goals, performance reviews and connect with their team in real-time with a simple, intuitive interface.

Better Business: Run Simple

Focusing on What Matters Most

Thanks to SAP, ARYZTA was able to accelerate the time to integrate new companies, freeing up time to focus on bringing more value to customers and helping out the bottom line. The move from disparate global HR systems and manual processes to a standardized, automated system has increased employee reporting and system usage, providing greater visibility into the workforce.

We have a customer-centric philosophy. We come into work every day looking for ways to innovate and deliver the best food in the bakery category for our customers. With the help of SuccessFactors, we’re able to track and develop our talent to meet our goals. —Harish Ramani, CIO, ARYZTA AG
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