SAP Workforce Performance Builder

Maximize the value of your SAP solution with advanced end-user training

Give your SAP end users the training they need – whenever and wherever they need it – with SAP Workforce Performance Builder. Easily create and deploy context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and e-learning materials.

  • Intuitively develop user help – as easily as recording a transaction
  • Quickly create single-source recordings that can be distributed to your workforce in various formats
  • Modify outputs to include additional text, rich media, or any degree of custom formatting
  • Automatically re-create recordings with text and screens in multiple languages
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Defining a Day-One Approach to Change

Prepare for, achieve, and maintain high performance in your organization during change events. Find out how you can take a "day-one" approach to change management – and follow the right steps to a productive workforce – with SAP right from the start.

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Use Mobile Learning to Optimize

SAP Workforce Performance Builder gives you the power to create professionally formatted training and performance-support materials and deploy them to Internet-connected devices. Find out how it can help you create a highly interactive and engaging learning experience for staff and colleagues.

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Frankfurt University: Building a Digital Campus

How is Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences meeting high-level learning requirements and enabling sustainable qualification measures? Through a training organization built with support from SAP Education and SAP Workforce Performance Builder.

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