SAP Supply Chain Performance Management rapid-deployment solution

Improve your supply chain performance – with our quick-to-deploy solution

Find new ways to cut costs, increase working capital, and strengthen customer loyalty. With our supply chain performance software and services package you can track and measure key metrics to get the insight you need to run a flexible and responsive supply chain.

  • Understand how shifts in your supply chain will impact total cost and cash flow
  • Drive efficiency and collaboration across your supply network
  • Get an accurate measure of supply chain performance to better meet corporate goals
Executives reviewing supply chain performance metrics in a report
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Graph on an upward trend, representing supply chain improvements supported by the SCOR model

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)

Rely on a metrics architecture supported by the Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) – the powerful cross-industry diagnostic tool for supply chain analysis. Enhance your performance with insight into your supplier’s supplier, customer’s customer – and other key supply chain metrics.

Flow chart diagram, representing supply chain performance improvements

Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Get valuable insight into your supply chain performance with built-in analytics. Benefit from best in class features like preconfigured metrics, dashboards, scorecards, and reports. And set up alerts to be notified of key performance metrics in real time – for reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Group of employees around a table, collaborating to correct underperformance

Closed Loop Collaboration

Quickly identify and remedy bottlenecks and breaks in your supply chain. Pinpoint issues at the source with root-cause analysis, and then take immediate action to correct underperformance – with the closed loop collaboration feature in this rapid-deployment solution.

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What-if Analysis

Run what-if analyses to explore the outcome of your supply chain decisions. Simulate action, and measure its impact on your performance.

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