SAP Business-to-Business Sales rapid-deployment solution

Leverage the Web to engage customers and increase sales

Enable your online customers to easily identify and purchase the products they need. With this software-and-service solution, you can provide customers with a self-service shopping experience that allows them to quickly review shipping, billing, and payment details – before completing an online purchase.

  • Accelerate sales, by offering an interactive interface that streamlines the online shopping
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling users to shop – anytime and from anywhere
  • Capture customer information and reach new markets – via online sales channels
  • Reduce ownership and operational costs by automating order-to-cash processes


A customer tracks a sales order on their smartphone, a process enabled by running software for managing online experiences
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A shopping cart filled with products

Catalog and Web Shopping Management

Create, publish, and centralize the management of online product catalogs. With this pre-defined solution, you can quickly add images, attachments, and multimedia files to catalog descriptions. You can also import data and make major edits easily, with mass maintenance features.

A magnifying glass reveals the details of a fingerprint, similar to the way that online sales software can provide about products.

Browse and Search Features

Help your online customers to quickly purchase the items they need. This preconfigured solution offers browse-and-search functionalities and displays detailed information about products. It can also recommend related products via visually appealing product views.

An online user searches for the products she needs, a process enabled with online sales software

Shopping Cart Management

Provide the functionalities that enable customers to clearly identify prices, taxes, availability, billing data, and shipping information, including costs and dates. As the result they can buy the products that they need and access relevant contact information.

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More Scope Items

Check Out and Payment

Increase online sales by streamlining the checkout process. This solution helps online customers securely place Web orders, by displaying information about personal profiles, billing, and payment details, before they complete their purchase.

Account Management

Capture customer data to provide personalized shopping experiences and suggest product recommendations. This solution offers intuitive user-registration tools that help customers quickly create online accounts – prior to browsing an online catalog or placing a Web-based order.

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