SAP HANA Net Margin Analysis rapid-deployment solution

Get full cost visibility and boost profits – with SAP Net Margin Analysis powered by SAP HANA

Reduce direct and indirect costs enterprise wide – across products, channels, customers, and sales organizations – with SAP Net Margin Analysis powered by SAP HANA. This rapid-deployment solution provides preconfigured data modeling and over 100 standard metrics, configurable in more than a dozen dashboards and reports.

  • Find new ways to improve net margins by reducing or eliminating hidden costs
  • Easily drill down to customer and product-level detail
  • Model costing strategies and tactics to understand their potential impact on margins
  • Analyze huge volumes of data in real time with our in-memory platform, SAP HANA
  • Extend analytic dashboards and reports to your mobile workforce
  • Leverage your existing investments in SAP HANA, SAP CO-PA Accelerator, and our BI platform
Co-workers running net margin analysis on a tablet
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Key profit and margin reports shown on multiple mobile devices

Reports and Dashboards

Get the aggregate and detailed margin and profit information you need to improve performance. With a robust set of predefined reports and dashboards designed to be easily extendible, our solution can help you identify the least and most profitable customers, products, channel partners, and services.

Laptop used to run what-if scenarios

Costing Simulations

Simulate cost savings with easy-to-use what-if analysis across multiple scenarios and dimensions. Optimize your product, channel, and customer mix – and identify actionable steps to maximize cost savings potential. Address previously hidden cost anomalies and turn loss-makers into profit-makers.

Swiss army knife, representing extensibility

Extensibility to Non-SAP Data Sources

Get a complete picture of all of your direct and indirect costs. With native SAP integration as well as an extendible data model, our solution allows you to load data from all source systems. Configure cost components in a three-level hierarchy aligned with SAP CO-PA as well as non-SAP data sources.

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