SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) rapid-deployment solution

Automate and streamline your mission-critical warehouse management processes

Maximize responsiveness and improve operations across your supply chain – with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) rapid-deployment solution. This preconfigured software and service package can help you quickly set up a modern warehousing system – for enhanced warehouse productivity and efficiency, real-time inventory visibility, improved space utilization, and more.

  • Gain real-time visibility and control of warehouse operations
  • Proactively mitigate issues to improve warehouse efficiencies
  • Quickly respond to changes in supply and demand – for a competitive edge
  • Integrate warehousing with transportation and logistics for greater customer satisfaction
Warehouse worker and pallets representing warehouse management processing in action
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Baton passing representing warehouse management software integration

SAP ERP and SAP EWM Integration

Rapidly connect your running SAP ERP application to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). This guide provides you with the documentation necessary to finish both the manual and automated steps with a simple implementation tool.

A forklift representing better operations and logistics management

Sample Warehouse Structure

Quickly and easily set up a sample warehouse structure (W001) with a specific layout and physical elements. This easy-to-follow process replicates a physical warehouse – storing its characteristics and parameters in the warehousing software.

A laptop represents the advantages of using warehouse management systems to control master data

Central Master Data

Set up the master data necessary to support your key warehousing processes and scenarios. This step-by-step guide minimizes potential errors – and helps you establish a central platform for customizing and consolidating your processes.

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More Scope Items

Inbound Process Without Packing Information

Receive goods from external vendors without packing information – and easily post the goods receipt (GR) and create warehouse orders (WO) before putaway.

Inbound Process with Repacking for Putaway

Receive advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) in SAP ERP – and repack goods from external vendors before moving them to a pallet rack in the warehouse.

Outbound Process Using Pick-HUs as Shipping HUs

Streamline the paper-based picking process by using pick-handling units (HUs) to deliver high-priority goods to multiple customers via one route.

Outbound Process Using Wave, Pick-HUs, Packing, Staging, and Loading

Expedite large shipments of pallets or cartons using complex scenarios – such as a radio frequency (RF) -based process flow.

Periodic Physical Inventory

Maintain accurate inventory information. Generate physical inventory (PI) documents to manage workloads – and count inventory using RF-based or paper-based processes.

Cycle Counting

Accurately track and manage product-specific inventory at different intervals with the cycle-counting indicator – while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Automatic Replenishment

Monitor and manage minimum and maximum inventory levels with automated warehouse triggers – and automatically calculate replenishment quantities.

Customer Returns with Quality Inspection

Process customer returns and manage the quality inspection of the rejected goods to determine if you should restock or dispose of the returned product.

Unplanned Scrapping Due to Damaged Stock

Track and manage your damaged or expired inventories at regular intervals – and create a warehouse area in which to store and dispose of scrapped products.

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