SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution

Take a fundamental step to optimize your trading and inventory processes fully integrated with a superior finance solution

Gain insight into financial performance, supply chains, inventory cycles, and trading processes. By running an integrated software-and-service solution, you can quickly and affordably identify business opportunities, anticipate risks, and outline a predictable path for realizing your enterprise-software objectives.

  • Streamline your trading businesses with a fully integrated Trading, Inventory & Finance solution
  • Respond quickly to market changes and customer demands
  • Drive innovation and boost customer satisfaction with increased customer insight
  • Lower inventory costs and real time inventory tracking
  • Increase your finance department’s efficiency by automating processes and reporting functions with accelerated financial closes
  • This solution is also available powered by SAP HANA, our lightning-quick in-memory platform
Workers counting and recording store inventory, a process that companies can implement more quickly and accurately when running ERP software
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Colleagues reviewing a report

Run in Real-Time with SAP HANA

Introducing the SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution powered by SAP HANA – our market-leading in-memory computing platform. Now, you can have it all: Quick-to-deploy, best-of-breed applications combined with a next-generation platform for real-time business.

Illustration of a financial calculator

Financial and Management Accounting

Improve decision making by increasing the visibility and reliability of accounting information. By running ERP software, you can streamline financial processes, collaborate with suppliers and customers, and comply with the reporting regulations involved in competing domestically and globally.

A pen and an accounting report

Annual Operations Plan and Forecast Simulation

Plan annual budgets for non-operational centers (i.e., sales, marketing, research) and allocate and monitor overhead expenses. With this solution, you can also compare planned and actual costs for internal orders – and collect and settle costs for internal projects.

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Improve Procure to Pay

Optimize procurement processes, reduce cash-to-cash cycles and cost of good sold, and get the items you need – on your schedule, for the best price, and from reliable sources.

Shorten Closing Cycles

Improve accounting productivity during period-end closings – by streamlining processes across business areas, simplifying routine tasks, and standardizing closing cycles.


Get a clear view of customers, suppliers, finances, and business operations with best-practice tools, reports, and analytics. You can also access ready-to-use financial and operational analytics and built your own reports.