SAP Energy Demand-Side Management for Utilities rapid-deployment solution

Optimize the balance between energy demand and supply – quickly and affordably

Gain insight into the lifecycle for managing demand-side energy programs – from design and enrollment to monitoring and reporting. This software-and-service solution offers a centralized database that helps you track and control energy use – and improve customer programs by accessing and leveraging demand data.

  • Respond quickly to changing supply levels
  • Generate or procure the accurate volumes of energy, by using forecasts to anticipate demand
  • Comply with corporate and legal environmental regulations
  • Analyze customer data, using best-in-class tools to better understand customer demand


Utility towers enable suppliers to deliver and track energy, a process optimized when running energy management software
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An energy-efficient light bulb can help reduce electricity consumption, a product best promoted via programs managed by energy demand software

Demand-Side Management Program

Encourage customers to reduce energy use during peak times. This integrated solution can help you run demand-side management programs which educate customers about conserving energy. As the result, you can anticipate demand and better serve the needs of specific groups.

A customer enrollment application, a document effectively developed when running energy transmission and distribution software

Application Creation

Streamline the process for enrolling customers into your demand-side energy management programs. With this preconfigured solution, you can create program–related forms that capture data about your customers and their energy requirements.

A magnifying glass enlarges a fingerprint, suggesting how energy management software can help capture vital data about customers

Application Review

Analyze and approve a large daily volume of customer applications for enrolling in energy programs. With this solution, you can accurately verify customer eligibility, using a business-rule framework for creating and processing service requests.

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Agreement Management

Create, review, and approve residential agreements for customers enrolled in your energy-efficiency programs. This solution can help you define program targets and criteria. With It you can also outline customer incentives.

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