Idea to Performance

Integrate your R&D, manufacturing, and service processes – for faster idea to performance

Transform new ideas into high-value products and services – faster – with SAP. Our solutions can help you seamlessly integrate your R&D, manufacturing, and service processes – for shorter innovation cycles, quicker response to changing market demand, improved plant operations, and stellar aftermarket services.

  • Achieve faster time to market with end-to-end support for R&D, manufacturing, and service processes
  • Make smarter decisions with real-time, contextual product data and analytics – powered by SAP HANA
  • Drive simpler communication across the value chain by linking visualization technology to business data
  • Reduce consumption of energy and raw materials while maximizing asset utilization in manufacturing
Manufacturer inspecting a product
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Worker in a factory

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Product Innovation and Development runs better with SAP

The Key to Sustainable Innovation

Learn about common challenges to introducing new products— and how an integrated platform and the right tools and processes can help companies become more connected, greatly improve visibility, and achieve true innovation.

Athlete winning the race

Turn Your Data into a Competitive Edge

Tap into a wealth of data, analyze it, and put insight into action — with SAP’s idea-to-performance approach to manufacturing. Read this article to learn more about idea-to-performance — and how you can use it to excel in a new, technology-driven manufacturing environment.

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