SAP Manufacturing Execution

Coordinate and run global manufacturing operations with manufacturing execution system software

Improve product quality, while driving down costs, with SAP manufacturing execution system (MES) software. Integrated with enterprise business processes, SAP Manufacturing Execution creates the ideal conditions for high-quality and efficient manufacturing, increased reliability, and full, global product traceability.

  • Get real-time visibility into end-to-end manufacturing processes to support global coordination
  • Achieve complete traceability of products through their lifecycles
  • Optimize work in progress (WIP) in response to reduced lead times
  • Improve quality and reduce variation through corrective actions that identify defective products
  • Boost plant performance and profitability
  • Optimize productivity and use of resources and assets
Workers using an automated soldering machine managed with manufacturing execution system software
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SAP Manufacturing Execution, one of the world's leading manufacturing execution software systems, gives you real-time visibility of your production processes – and complete traceability or products throughout their lifecycles.

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